Lifestyle Management

The Way of Beauty

We are living in a dynamic and competitive-based society. Everything has to be better and faster. This demands an enormous metal and physical effort. Career women are criticized doubly - they have to present an attractive image and perform well at the same time. Despite the pressures of time and the obligations of their private and professional lives, women want to look good, feel good and be self-confident.

According to the Chinese Yin Yang Philosophy, feeling good and looking good, possessing both inner and outer beauty and having an attractive radiance is the result of a good inner alchemy.

Everything that you think and feel creates chemical reactions that affect the brain and the cell in your body. Clinical experience has proved that stress and negative emotions damage the skin cells from the inside out. This accelerates the aging process. Positive emotions make you healthy, nourishes your skin and produces endorphins that give you that healthy glow. Positive emotions keep you young in both body and spirit. You really are as young as you feel.

But thoughts influence more than just your body. Tests have proved that what you think is what you actually radiate.  When you feel good, you radiate it and that is attractive to other people. This is the magic and secret of a vibrant appearance.

We often think that working on our health and inner beauty is difficult. Working on our outer beauty is more often experienced as relaxing. When Mieke works on your personal Beauty - Inner Beauty program, you will experience it as easy, relaxing and comfortable.

Mieke promises to enhance your self-confidence, appearance, personality and your power of attraction in a way you are sure to enjoy.

You will feel and look vibrant!

Peak Performance / Stress Management

The society we live in is very demanding. We live in a competitive environment – we behave as if everything has to be bigger, faster and better to stay afloat. Keeping up appearances and pretending that life is easy at this pace demands an enormous mental and physical effort.

More and more people are having problems coping with the continuous pressure under which they live. The number of people with structural health problems because of stress, like burnout, addictions, weight problems, insomnia, headache, back pain, anxiety and heart problems, is growing.

People can only perform well if they are feeling well.The quality of work, creativity and productivity, is based on how a person feels and on the level of their energy.

Putting this knowledge into practice, Mieke conducts exclusive, private training for peak performance and mood / stress management for executives in major companies to promote health and serenity. Combining Eastern and Western training techniques, she will teach you how to tackle stressful feelings so that you feel good, energetic and comfort, so you will enjoy life much better. Instead of disease, you will feel at ease. Decide to become a person who radiates a special sparkle, so people will wonder what your secret is.

The personal coaching starts with a Body Mind Checkup. Your physical, emotional and mental condition will be assessed. From this assessment, a custom-made personal training program will be made that will include biofeedback relaxation-response training, coping skills, massage, mental and physical exercise. Most individual training will take six sessions to really make a change.

Are you ready for a change?

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